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The last week of December until the first week of January is commonly ‘celebrated’ as a time to review the past goals and to plan for the new goals. Although we don’t have to always set up the new goals, continuing or improving the past goals into new ones can also be considered.

Personally, I’ve been feeling like I live in autopilot mode, kinda. I do have things I want to achieve but the older I am, the less I want things to be in specific details. In other words, I don’t really describe in detail what I want to achieve. I do provide the bigger picture of what goals I’m heading toward but I leave some spaces for the room of improvement… and of reflection if things don’t go according to what I envisioned.

A beach in Tuban, where I sat once in the mid of November directly after arriving in Bali. It was Friday morning. A serene moment I’d love to have again.

Acceptance has been the lesson I always try to practice especially when it comes to failures. It is not as simple as accepting failures as they are but taking it as the form of reminder, to let us understand which points we should fix and we could improve. The final act of acceptance? Letting them go.

Why do I bother to write this? Some people say that certain aspect in our life should be taken as they are, let them flow like a water. However, our time is limited. We don’t live forever. Yet, we tend to forget this fact of our mortality.

The time passed by writing this post should act as a reminder that I hope I’m not the only benefitting of this reminder. I hope, you, my friend, could also remember that our life is finite and we only have one life. Never let the failures stop you from getting back on your feet again and from growing.

Although it seems like a dire consequence of being alive, the finite life given to us is a life that will always be a unique one for everyone who realizes what it means to be alive.

To conclude this post and to greet you whoever read this, let this centuries-old of wisdom, Epitaph of Seikilos, be the reminder for all of us to live our life to the fullest because time does not wait for everyone.

While you live, shine!

Have no grief at all

Life exists only for a short while

and Time demands his due.

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