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It is very personal to ask why someone loves to drink. Some people might answer it as a way to escape the mundane routine. Some people might choose it for a conversation starter. Others might turn drinking game as a way to appreciate the taste and the art of mixing. I happened to be the latter.

Although I don’t include alcoholic beverages ‘for a very obvious reason’, my palate has been trained to enjoy various type of tea and traditional herbal drinks ever since I was a kid. It’s all thanks to my grandfather with his tea collection and my mother with her hobby of making herbal drinks.

As I grew older, I enjoy various taste of drink but if I can conclude it; I love aromatic beverages that leave you with lasting aftertaste in your palate. For some ingredients, stronger taste often leaves you with strong aftertaste. Therefore, I LOVE ginger beer with more spicy notes, long fermented-before-it-turned-into-alcoholic kombucha, and zesty nonalcoholic mojito with freshly crushed mint leaves.

However, there’s a drink that I wonder how it tastes like ever since I read about it in the book. And, it’s sangria. I knew that sangria was made with wine and sweet vermouth ‘infused’ with tangy fruits like blueberry or strawberry. Unfortunately, I could only imagine how it tastes by mixing it with sparkling wine and additional spices, mostly cinnamon or cloves.

Therefore, it’s no wonder when I’ve found this gem, ColdheartBEC, through Farhan, my Synbio ID colleague, I couldn’t wait to get my lab shift’s done and went straight to this new drinking place yesterday.

ColdheartBEC is where you want to go for a drink while stays sober. I mean, who would even dare to drink martini in a daylight while you still have a job to do? Well, ColdheartBEC gets your back.

The BEC in their name stands for Beverage Exploration Club. Aside of the fact that they surely know well about the profile of the cocktails and mocktails they offer in the house, there’s a reason why they’re exploring and experimenting because….

Zero alcoholic beverage is their forte.

As I wrote above, I have ZERO knowledge of taste when it comes to those OG cocktails.

I might be able to guess the taste when it comes to fermented drinks like wine. However, when it’s high alcoholic types like anything mixed with vodka, whiskey, or gin, that’s where my guessing game is on the edge.

Coldheart’s Mannish Boy, a deep flavor of chocolate mixed with bitters and spices.

Nevertheless, ColdheartBEC seems able to fulfill my expectation when what I want to do there is not only to drink but to understand the taste. The bartenders know how to explain the body of the drink that I ordered, the mixing method (why some drinks are better to be stirred and others are shaken), what to expect, and how it acquires its taste. For example, this classic vodka-based espresso martini, why it’s better to be shaken, not stirred. 😉

Coldheart’s Zefrotini, their non alcoholic attempt to recreate the classic espresso martini.

Even better, they explained to me how the fermentation goes for each of liquids they have in the house. I mean, as a biology graduate, I learned a lot too especially when the bartender explained how to make their tepache, a fermented drink made from pineapple fruit & its rind. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to try their tepache. Instead of tepache, the bartender suggested me to try this Grandma’s Favorite. On a hot, sunny Sunday, who will say no to mocktail? 😀

Coldheart’s Grandma’s Favorite, a zesty & aromatic mocktail made from fermented jackfruit.

I am still exploring all of their menu here. Of all their beverage options, I’m lucky and very happy to finally taste their Zefrotini, Sangria via Omakase, Mannish Boy, and Grandma’s Favorite.

However, I won’t forget my first and will-always-order sangria here.

Coldheart’s Omakase a.k.a “What You Want to Order But Not Available on The Menu, They Will Make It For You”, my order of omakase is Sangria.

I think, their way of educating the customers is what makes my experience in ColdheartBEC very much like an adventure… while, yes, still stay sober.

If this post does ring your bell, kindly pay a visit to ColdheartBEC after work or in the weekend!

Be sure ‘to challenge’ them making the non alcoholic version of your favorite drink!

P.S. I can’t wait to ask Creme de Menthe for my next Omakase…. if that’s possible. 😳

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