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As I grow older, one thing that I have noticed the most from me is that I am getting used to let go on things that I could not control or that are beyond of what I, as a person, am capable to do. If my younger self read this, she might think that I was just easily giving up. Do I give up too easily nowadays?

I met you last year, weeks before the outbreak started and was then announced as a pandemic. I thought that… well, maybe nothing would change that much. However, it was just so profoundly striking to me that after I had you on my eyes, I could see things clearer from your point of view. It is amazing to think that something that I once thought meaningless now hold a weight that I value the most.

From my perspective as a junior researcher, being accompanied with you through the hard time especially when I should work on two jobs during the pandemic felt very beautiful. No matter how many papers or reports that I should write or read, the view of me doing this with you on my eyes reassured me that I could always believe in what I truly see… that I am actually living what I have been dreaming of since I was a kid.

Why should I need to see the world through the rose-tinted glasses when I could just have you through my eyes? All of those things that I could see them crystal clear, it’s all thanks to you.

As I stated above, somehow I understand that some things just need to happen and if I still try not to let them go, it will only hurt me instead. Therefore, by writing this very short passages of how I let go on a precious thing I once had, I can safely say that I let you go. I really hope, wherever you are, you will be found in the good hands that may find you helpful.

There will always be the second, the third, the fourth, and the n-th thing that could replace you but you will always be the first one that I will treasure the most. To my reading glass, thank you for being there with me when my eyesight got worse last year. To all of things that I have seen clearly because of you, thank you. This dedicated space of 468 words in this personal blog is how I immortalize my gratitude to you.

And if you think that you need 10 effective ways to let go of something that is no longer in your hands, you’re not really letting them go. You only need one way: do it. Let it go and wish it go to the hands that need it the most.


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